How it works

The Concept

Are you a manager or owner of a hotel, residence, B&B, resort, farmhouse, holiday home and do you want to seize new travel opportunities, meet colleagues all over the world and to share your professional experiences with them?
Hotelier Vip is the answer!
Join our Exchange Program and travel for free as a guest of other Community Members. Send your details by filling out the appropriate form and request verification of your facility. The Hotelier Vip Team will answer you in a short time and ...

Have a Happy holiday!


The value of the HVPoints

Once admitted, you will need to deposit one or more periods of stay in your facility.
The Hotelier Vip team will assign a Trading Power in HVPoint to your deposit, taking into account the reputation of the structure, the size and type of accommodation, and the services you offer.
After that you will have access to the Holiday Catalog.
With the acquired score, you can book free stays, as a guest at the facilities of other members who are registered in the Community.

INFO: You will pay, only after receiving the confirmation of your booking, a small exchange fee as a reimbursement of administrative expenses!

Give up your vacation

Can't you travel?
Give the vacation to your cohabiting family members, business partners or your employees as a benefit and ... have fun!

In this case it will be necessary to request the Guest Certificate from Hotelier Vip, to be presented to the chosen structure at the time of Check-In.

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